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Our Suite Village

Our Suite Village

[Conference Centers/Meeting Rooms]

About Us

Our Suite Village is a shared workspace (coworking) for teachers (academic and crafting), therapists, clubs, organizations, and others who need a space to teach and meet. Small businesses who rent here include: occupational, speech, and physical therapists; academic testers; reading therapists; education and special-needs advocates; health and wellness counselors; yoga and Tai Chi teachers; and, others who need space on an inconsistent basis.


Entrance faces the courtyard and West Broadway Street.
This is our group meeting room without furniture. This works for movement classes like yoga and Tai Chi.
Large room set up for cookie decorating class.
Private office can be used for 1:1 meetings with colleague or client. Also, great for a quiet space to get your work done.
Private office space for meeting with a client, working with a student, and attending zoom meetings. Great space for getting work done without the distractions at home or a noisy cafe.
Private office space for working with your students who need a smaller room with fewer distrations.
Small team meeting in private suite. Seats four comfortably, five snuggly.
This lovely courtyard is right outside our door.