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Our Suite Village


[Conference Centers/Meeting Rooms]

About Us

Our Suite Village is a shared workspace (coworking) for teachers (academic and crafting), therapists, clubs, organizations, and others who need a space to teach and meet. Small businesses who rent here include: occupational, speech, and physical therapists; academic testers; reading therapists; education and special-needs advocates; health and wellness counselors; yoga and Tai Chi teachers; and, others who need space on an inconsistent basis.


Entrance faces the courtyard and West Broadway Street.
Large room set up for cookie decorating class.
Private office can be used for 1:1 meetings with colleague or client. Also, great for a quiet space to get your work done.
This lovely courtyard is right outside our door.
Private office space for meeting with a client, working with a student, and attending zoom meetings. Great space for getting work done without the distractions at home or a noisy cafe.
Private office space for working with your students who need a smaller room with fewer distrations.
This is our group meeting room without furniture. This works for movement classes like yoga and Tai Chi.