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Lotus Management Services Inc


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About Us

We are manage service provider. Bringing forward technical solutions security centric, that empowers businesses with clarity. Having a business in the state of Florida with regulations in personal data protection advancing your needs. Have a provider an expert in these mandates. Our security centered processes surround the small business need in todays world so productivity can advance the growth. We are experience in plugging in solutions to mitigate problems that keep you up at night. Encryption, best business practices, and other technical solutions paired up with people with the right experience, processes that fit the needs and todays products vetted in real time. Over sight a lone is no longer effective with out the update relative technology that fits regulatory mandates for personal data protection, insurance, compliance audit, risk mitigation. How prepared is the small to medium businesses for a data breach? Does the service driven company have their customer's best interest? Are they doing the right thing to protect the public? Are small businesses doing the responsible practice? Find the the way to keep your service providers in the position to best fit your organization. Pen test today is the easiest practice to have in place. Lotus Management Services provides technical service with your business protection and productivity in mind.


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