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Transition Designs Consulting, LLC

Transition Designs Consulting, LLC


About Us

Transition Designs helps professionals with their strategy - in business, career and life. We offer strategic planning consulting for businesses, career change management and one-on-one coaching for individuals to help them achieve their goals and greater life balance.

Strategic planning is done in a class format, and is intended to deliver a high value plan at a lower cost than retaining a consultant to complete the plan for you. I have worked with a variety of clients, including government organizations, family owned businesses, public-private partnerships, and theme parks. In class, you will learn the methodologies that consultants use, and it will be delivered to you via weekly instruction, worksheets and templates. Custom strategic planning options are available upon request.

Career change advising helps individuals who want to make a career change, and need help clarifying their next move. Through an inductive six-week collaborative process, we work to discover the individual's values, goals, experiences and strengths and create a plan that can be implemented.

One-on-one coaching upon request and is offered at an hourly rate. An initial discussion to create a plan that is tailored to the individuals' desires and situation.

Workshops are occasionally held on a variety of topics. These include organizational change, managing conflict, team dynamics, group decision making, business agility, creating a vision statement and personalities in the workplace.


Dr. Melissa Francisco