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Collins Dental

Collins Dental

[Dental Orthodontic and Oral Surgery ]

About Us

Collins Dental is a family practice, so we work with both adults and children. We believe that the best dentistry is no dentistry at all and we work hard to make sure that we provide preventative care and support to all our patients. Our goal is to help patients avoid dental problems that can be costly and uncomfortable, so we encourage patients to anticipate potential problems and eliminate factors that contribute to dental disease. Our focus is on helping people become healthy.


FH Collins III, DDS
Ross Reiter, DMD
Dr. Monica Azer
Doctors Collins, Azer and Reiter
Street View of Collins Dental
Parking Lot View of Collins Dental
Front Door to Collins Dental
Reception Collins Dental
Front Desk Checkout Collins Dental
Treatment Rooms Collins Dental
Treatment Carts and Cerec Machine Collins Dental
Central Supply and Sterile Collins Dental
Treatment Room Hallway Collins Dental