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The Lifeboat Project, Inc.

The Lifeboat Project, Inc.


About Us

At the Lifeboat Project, we imagine a world where children and adults are not used. Where the millions of individuals, who have been trafficked, are safely living as survivors. Where people throughout the globe are rising up and eliminating this modern evil. What is the magnitude of this modern evil? When it comes to the reality of human trafficking, so many of us react in disbelief. The fact is, in a recent study done by the United Nations, between 20-40 million victims are trapped in modern-day slavery today. The vast majority of cases go undetected. Worse yet, it’s happening right in our backyard: Florida is among the three worst human trafficking states. There is a reported case of human trafficking in every county in Florida. Central Florida is major hub for trafficking activity with the average age of sex trafficking reported at 12-14 years old. The Lifeboat Project is working hard to end this harrowing injustice. We are doing more than just raising awareness for labor and sex trafficking; we help victims become survivors. #endhumantrafficking